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Vandenbroucke is the best choice for all types of earthworks. We have specialized in railroad works and pipe foundations for many years. We also install berliner walls. Together with our partners, Monteyne and Debackere, we can offer a wide range of services.

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Railroad works

A track crane allows Vandenbroucke to specialize in railroad work, such as replacing old rails, installing new rails, laying streetcar tracks and cable trenches, and digging ditches. We are flexible, including weekends and nights.

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At Vandenbroucke, we handle a variety of earthworks, from site preparation to machine excavation for construction pits, basements and trenches. We install cisterns and septic tanks, prepare sites for landscaping, and lay cable and pipe strips.

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Steel Pipe foundations

Pipe foundations are fast, durable and versatile. It is often used at existing buildings, overpasses and hard-to-reach locations. Ideal for pylons, columns and railroad construction. Tubular steel piles, in various diameters and lengths, are weather-resistant and easy to install.

pipe foundations

City Square

Vandenbroucke recently successfully installed pipe foundations in downtown Antwerp. These foundations play an important role in construction projects and infrastructure in the city, promoting urban development.

Een kraan van Atlas dat een buis aan het verplaatsen is
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